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Reviews, Recipes, Travels & More | March 22, 2019

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The Innerview

The Innerview
Sumit Malhotra

My first rant ever on my own website. Well the rant is mine and so is the website… So live with it. This is my “Innerview” and I will start from the scratch 🙂

Now I hope my critical posts about Indian political scenario will not disappear when published in public fora. So be it 🙂

A lot has been said and considered about a recent interview. People are ranting about it globally and not giving much attention to procreation. Critics are being critical, sympathetic ones are being clinical. In my opinion, the interview is not the point; the “Innerview:” is.

As a country India stands at 1.237 billion (2012) humans.

Does it mean anything? Yes it does. It means there are just a little less people (very less) than the established 1.237 billion (2012) who manipulate the rest. So why is it so? It is simply because the rest don’t ask questions.

So why don’t they ask questions? Well either they are not supposed to or they have been told not to. Oh!! Hmm .. So! Oh well, let’s move on (shoved under the carpet).

What are these questions that need to be asked?

This is where it all stops or actually begins. There are pertinent questions that need to be asked today. And they need to be asked by everyone. These questions are very different from what they were supposed to be 65 years back. These questions are about what people really want. These questions are also about what will people give in return for what they really want? There is a responsibility that needs to be discharged for every need and want which perhaps we have also forgotten while trying to be populist.

So have we really connected with India. I think not. And that is fine … I am also evolving and see a lot of “occurrences” around me. But India has been disconnected with herself for a lot of reasons for a very long time.

The first example follows:

We have a popular civil movement today in a certain party. Hmm .. The biggest supporters of this party are the auto-rickshaw drivers of Delhi as I understand and have felt too directly. Common men! sure. But!! They still break the rules meant for betterment of the citizens. “Rules” .. The basal foundation on which the people’s movement is based. My innerview askes “Is the party going to amend/ bend the rules so that they can rush wrong side; say no to passengers under duress; or overspeed”? Or! is it going to tame it’s most faithful beast? And How?

This was the first one .. Rants will keep coming.

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