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Reviews, Recipes, Travels & More | December 10, 2018

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Dum Affairs Review, E-12, South Extension, New Delhi

Dum Affairs Review, E-12, South Extension, New Delhi
Sumit Malhotra

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Excellent Awadhi Food

Dum Affairs is a great place with awesome (and rich) food. It has a really pleasant ambiance for all special occasions.

Dum Affairs Review, E-12, South Extension, New Delhi

Dum Affairs is a classy fine dining restaurant located in South Extension Part II. It is an elegant 65 seater restaurant done up in a duet of white and mahogany. Dum Affairs serves authentic Awadhi cuisine. It is famous for its “Dum” or “Dum Pukht” style cooking. Dum is the art of cooking over very slow fire in sealed containers.

We were greeted warmly by the hostess. She had been informed well in advance and was expecting us. She led us three floors upwards and got us comfortably seated on a natty table. The shimmering long stemmed goblets adoring the table looked “expensive”. The food and beverage menus appeared well in time. The enterprise owner, Varun Suri joined us thereafter. Varun talked us through his journey from consumer durables to his childhood passion – “good food”. That how the extensive “Lucknowi” culinary journey was flagged off.

“Le Tour de Dum” commenced with Lamb Galouti kebabs and Khasta Roti. The roti (bread) was crispy. It felt like an Indian version of a short crust cookie. The Galoutis were an absolute melt in the mouth though a wee salty for me. However, the taste balanced out surprisingly when I tucked them in with the roti/ cookie. The Subz Ke Shammi we ordered were really flavourful and light. Saffron egg coated chicken, Zard Gilafi Murgh kebabs on my table next were delicately spiced but a bit underdone. I also didn’t find them much different from an equally well made chicken tikka. Last of the starters served were potato morsels or Chatpate Aloo. These were lip smacking and left a lingering aftertaste of tamarind.

All the dishes served at Dum Affairs during the main course were spectacular. The exception was Dum Ka Murgh which was just well cooked chicken but nothing extraordinary. The Lamb or Gosht Nihari was excellent and was served with the right accompaniments. The cottage cheese preparation or Paneer ka Methidar Qaliyan was delicate and creamy. The “Haleem” was aromatic and the bite felt nice under the teeth. The specially recommended bread, Jaituni Kulcha was stuffed with olives and surprised me. It was a lovely fusion creation and with a really flavoursome taste.

The word “Dum” may remind you of the classic Dum Maro Dum, Zeenie Baby’s number, but the affairs at Dum Affairs here are nothing of the kind. The message is plain and simple. Its great food and nothing less.

To Sum-It-Up: Dum Affairs is a great place with awesome (and rich) food. It has a really pleasant ambiance for all special occasions. Do take into account a well minded hit you will take on your waist as well as wallet . Have fun! 🙂

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Dum Affairs

E-12, South Extension, Part II, New Delhi

Open from: 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM (Lunch) and 7:30 PM to 11:45 PM (Dinner)

Happy hours: No

Meal for Two (2): Rs. 2000

Phone numbers:+91 882 660 8855; +91 882 660 7755

Venue Type: Fine Dining Restaurant

Vegetarian: No 🙂

Cuisine: Awadhi/ Lucknowi

Bar: Yes!

Loo on premises: Yes & Clean

Air Conditioning: Yes

Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

Do they deliver: Yes

Takeaways Offered: Yes

Do they cater outdoors: Yes

Host Parties at Venue: Yes

Parking: Street side

WiFi: No

Live Music: No! Piped Music

Television Screening: No

Outdoor Seating: No

Smoking Allowed: Yes! Street side 

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