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Reviews, Recipes, Travels & More | March 21, 2019

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Traversing Jodhpur Enroute Udaipur - Rajasthan Road Trip - Day 4

Traversing Through Jodhpur Enroute Udaipur
Sumit Malhotra

Traversing Through Jodhpur Enroute Udaipur – Rajasthan Road Trip – Day 4

Jodhpur. Day 4 started with us leaving Jodhpur for Pali and that too really hungry. The hotel’s staff was still in slumberland and they would start preparing breakfast only at 8.30 we were told. Jodhpur is a funny city – I have come to understand. It shuts at 10PM and doesn’t wake up till after 8.30AM. Since we were just passing through we didn’t get much time to explore Jodhpur. Its still on my bucket list. I need to come back once again and explore the splendour of Jodhpur.

Since we had to leave for Bali (via Pali, the district and then through Falna). We left Jodhpur on empty stomachs. We, literally, stopped at every Dhaba on Pali road to find something to eat. We got a singular message from all – Food Not Available. Jodhpur was really slow in the mornings. It reaffirmed my belief.

As we exited Jodhpur and crossed into the Pali district, we chanced upon a Dhaba called Rajputana Hotel & Restaurant. The dhaba was 100% vegetarian, but it had food available. Located right across the road to a local temple, it was busy, really busy. We settled ourselves on a table and ordered some paranthas with dahi and tea. Super stuff.

Moving onwards we visited the “Educate Girls” office in Bali where we were treated to some excellent “chaas”. If you are in Rajasthan, this is one thing not to be missed. After the meeting we moved on to Ranakpur and arrived around the lunch hour. Ranakpur is famous for one of the Jain temples so obviously the food options available there were severely limited for us.

Ranakpur is also the gateway to the Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Kumbalgarh is also the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, a legendary King of Mewar. The drive through the sanctuary was absolutely fantastic with its mountain climbs, twisting turns and splendid nature’s bounty in abundance. We were also keenly eyeing the signboards of various resorts which were going to present themselves as soon as we exited the protected jungle area.

We stopped at Aranyawas, which was the first one to appear as we started our climb down the mountains. The place turned out to be quite serene and extremely well managed from the reception at the car park, where a guard happily assisted us in parking the car and then gave directions towards the restaurant. The stewards at the restaurant were simple, gracious and welcoming. We were seated, luncheon mats, cutlery and plates were laid and order for our lunch was taken quite promptly. We kept it non complicated and ordered a simple fare of Chicken Curry, Chana Masala to go with Rotis.

After lunch, we started our approach to Udaipur and after checking out Karohi Haveli, zeroed on another Haveli called Jaiwana Haveli. Overall a great Day 4. Rest of the story is in the pictures.

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