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Reviews, Recipes, Travels & More | March 16, 2019

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Udaipur - Rajasthan Road Trip - In midst rich history & culture

Udaipur: A leisurely day spent amidst thunderstorms
Sumit Malhotra

Udaipur – Rajasthan Road Trip – Day 5

So Udaipur had a lazy start on Day 5. Hence, I woke up leisurely at 8AM. Finally, I drifted to the restaurant around 8.30 for breakfast and that was the kick start of the day. Shivendra was already there before me and half way through the breakfast. Thereafter, he left for his planned meeting.

I lounged over the breakfast comprising of orange juice (Dabur Real), a masala omelette with onions, chillies and ginger, a bread basket and a pot of some excellently done coffee. It sure was instant coffee – no prizes given for that one. Having said that the proportions were just right for the morning cuppa.

Post breakfast, I strayed out on the unknown streets of Udaipur. I had a solemn aim, to find a professional who could give my shabby tresses a decent treatment. After walking for about 30 minutes and visiting one busy and two shuttered down barber shops, I found a certain Hemant Hair Dressers. I allowed them to give me a cut, shave and a head massage. All this came for a princely Rs. 80. Coming from Gurgaon, it was a financial shock on the pleasant side for me. Udaipur rocked.

Soon after I picked up Shivendra and two of his companions from his meeting at Udaipur venue. We drove to a unit called Amla Utpadak Sahakari Samiti. Located at the village of Baghpura, this FPO or Food Processing Organisation processes Indian Gooseberries or Amla. They churn out some really imaginative stuff like Churans, Murabaas, Pickles, Squashes, Just Juice and Mouth Fresheners. The best of these which I thoroughly enjoyed was the Amla candy. The production of all products combined is about 150 tonnes every year. Most of it is consumed within the States of Rajasthan, Gujarat & Delhi (though I have never seen this stuff in Delhi) I was told.

On the way back, we encountered one of the worst thunderstorms I have ever been in. Near blinding rain with heavy winds forced us to stop in our tracks. We trudged on the state highway rather slowly and carefully. As we crossed half of our distance towards Udaipur, the showers reduced in intensity. However, their message was loud and clear. The pre monsoons had arrived in Udaipur.

The gentlemen who escorted us to this brilliant place, Amla Utpadak Sahakari Samiti, were kind enough to offer us lunch. They took us to a popular restaurant in Udaipur called “Park View”. Park View Restaurant Udaipur turned out to be a super place.It is a must visit when in Udaipur. It was brimming with people as we entered. Check out the pictures below for what we gorged upon. The food was quite nice I must point out.

There was no scope for a wholesome dinner. Though, the house specialty came on offer to us. This is only presented to discerning guests. Our gracious host and owner of Jaiwana Haveli very emotionally impressed this luscious dish upon us. It is a really succulent chicken called Bhunjma Chicken. It is made with tomatoes, chillies and has a distinct flavour of coriander. We were unable to say no to this one even though our stomachs were full after the Park View escapade.

Check out the photos from Day 5. Have fun!!

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