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Reviews, Recipes, Travels & Rants | April 20, 2019

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Fujiya! Just For Nostalgia’s Sake

Fujiya - Menu Cover
Sumit Malhotra

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Fujiya! Visit it Just For Your Nostalgia's Sake

Fujiya essentially remains a destination for reliving nostalgia. Better food is available at several other restaurants in neighbourhood at much reasonable prices.

Fujiya Restaurant Review, 12/48, Malcha Marg Market, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Fujiya has been a legend in its own stead and for a very long time. This Malcha Marg restaurant opened its doors way back in the 60s (1969 to be precise) and holds an iconic position on the Sino-Ludhianvi food circuit. Despite the fact Fujiya does find favour with me, I cannot classify the food as authentic Chinese or Japanese. Plainly, its just good Indochinese/ Indo-Japanese that Fujiya offers.

So here I was once again trying to relive the nostalgia at the spanking new Fujiya Malcha Marg.

Fujiya has been recently renovated and reopened. Is it? It still gave the same feel as last time I visited. Nothing felt like really “new”. Over stuffed tables in a limited space, Chinese wall art looked the same and the (un) private booths made me feel as if nothing had changed. The comfortable furniture didn’t look any different too. Maybe the owners were trying to preserve the old charm. Though, I must point out the restaurant felt fresh, clean and warm. This was unlike before when I have found it to be dark and dingy. The menu book seemed to have more stuff and the prices have been hiked as well.

Our lunch at Fujiya started with a Mixed Meat Talumein soup that we know is not Chinese from any standpoint. This rich broth is quite a rage with Indians because of its spicy richness and the balanced mix of vegetables and meats. However, I found the soup to be a tad salty owing to its porky quotient. For starters we ordered Prawn Steam Momos which turned out to be dry and not worth the salt. Our main course comprised of Prawns with Garlic Sauce and Sliced Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce. To go along with these two dishes we ordered a portion of Plain Rice as well. While the Prawns turned out to be delicious, the Sliced Chicken had sufficient Black Pepper to give us free tickets to the moon. Even liberal helping of Plain Rice was not enough to bring down the spice level on our palate.

We ordered for some Chinese Tea to cool down our burning palates. Surprisingly, Fujiya charged the tea to the bill. Any good Chinese restaurant worth its soy sauce will never charge for something as gentle like Chinese Tea. It is like charging for pickles in an Indian restaurant. But well, if it’s a policy and a part of their menu you got to pay for it.

A brief observation on the service at Fujiya. Service was not slow and neither fast. However, I found that the age-old servers had retained the same pace at before. The chap who served us has been here since last 20 years. It took a few reminders to get their notice. However, the service got done timely. It is a paradox of sorts; a bit unexplainable.

To Sum-It-Up: Fujiya essentially remains a destination for reliving nostalgia. Better food is available at several other restaurants in neighbourhood at much reasonable prices.

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Fujiya Restaurant

12/48, Malcha Marg Market, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Open from: 12 Noon to 11:30 PM

Happy hours: No

Meal for Two (2): Rs. 1500

Phone numbers: 011 26876059; 011 26114209

Venue Type: Restaurant

Vegetarian: No 🙂

Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese, Seafood

Bar: Yes!

Loo on premises: Yes & Clean

Air Conditioning: Yes

Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

Do they deliver: Yes; Locally

Takeaways Offered: Yes

Do they cater outdoors: No

Host Parties at Venue: No

Parking: Street side

WiFi: No

Live Music: No!

Television Screening: No

Outdoor Seating: No

Smoking Allowed: Yes! Street side 

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