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Reviews, Recipes, Travels & Rants | April 24, 2019

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Kulfa – Do you know it?

Sumit Malhotra

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A dessert not to be missed in Amritsar

Kulfa is a rich, delicate dessert from the city of Amritsar. Don't miss the one at A-One Kulfa

A-One Kulfa INA Colony Queens Road Amritsar

Kulfa is an Urdu word for purslane, a succulent green leafy vegetable. However, what we are talking about here is not the same. Kulfa here refers to the rich, delicate dessert from the city of Amritsar.

Amritsar is a city for foodies. It offers a great culinary experience. The sheer diversity of food can get one really excited here. I love their street food. The city is home to a variety of street-side vendors selling the freshest, hottest and richest versions of almost everything. You can expect a refreshing glass of lassi to silky, sweet kulfa, to buttery kulchas, to Mutton chops and Fried Fish Amritsari and a melange of delightful spicy gravies.

I feasted on Kulfa at A-One-Kulfa during my last visit to Amritsar. It left me more filled than fulfilled. I was craving for more but my stomach didn’t allow anymore of it.

Making of Kulfa is an art (check out the video on top). It is intricate and balances a multitude of ingredients. So what is it really? The phirni comes out of the fridge and sliced into three portions. Dropped upon the bed of phirni is a huge dollop of badam pista kulfi that is scooped out of a huge brass pot. This is topped of with lacche or faluda, rabri, some crushed ice, gun katira along with the mild essence of rooh kewra. Anything less than this doesn’t qualify for being a Kulfa.

A-One-Kulfa is a small sparsely furnished shop with limited seating. Since the sweet stuff is lying in the open, it has flies hovering around. If you are very particular about food hygiene, you may not like it. But these chaps belt out the greatest dessert possible in Amritsar. This delicacy at A-One at Queens Road Amritsar is not to be given a miss if you are around there. Be sure to try it and come back to tell us what did you feel about it. Happy eating!

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