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Reviews, Recipes, Travels & Rants | April 15, 2019

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Mughal Mahal : Best Butter Chicken in the World

Legendary Butter Chicken Boneless @ Mughal Mahal
Sumit Malhotra

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Simply Awesome Stuff :)

Mughal Mahal offers the best Mughlai delicacies in this part of the world. I treat their Butter Chicken as the best in the world. You should go and check it out if you haven't so already.

Mughal Mahal Review: 7, Sethi Bhawan, Rajendra Place, New Delhi

I have been going to Mughal Mahal from the days when they had a string painting adorning their main wall (which houses a huge mirror now). Mughal Mahal was my family’s favourite joint apart from Nirula’s Chinese Room to host family celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. Being born and brought up in Old Rajinder Nagar, Mughal Mahal, Rajendra Place was one of the two non-negotiable “venue” for our special occasions. It has today become a landmark in itself, with several offices using it as an indicator for their office addresses.

A lot of water has flown under the bridge since my childhood days. Mughal Mahal, Rajendra Place has visibly taken a beating by time and looks run down. Nirula’s Chinese Room has shut down. My family has moved to Gurgaon and work on skeletal ties with Delhi. To make matters worse or maybe better for Butter Chicken’s sake, a Mughal Mahal franchise has opened in Sector 31 Market in Gurgaon. Read the review of Mughal-Mahal, Gurgaon. All in all, a lot of reasons hinder a visit to the “real” Mughal Mahal. Having said that, I have already made two trips to Mughal Mahal, Rajendra Place in this year – all for the love of their crisp, fluffy naans and the butter chicken that is no less than a legend. I often jest humorously that apart from blood also flows in my veins the creamy butter chicken gravy of Mughal Mahal.

The interiors of Mughal Mahal are a bit run down and tacky if I may say. Though, you don’t go to Mughal Mahal for its interiors or the watering hole it has become. You go to Mughal Mahal for its food and to relive old memories as in my case. During my last visit the brightly lit restaurant was full with families celebrating birthdays or just eating out as well as a group of beaten down corporate executives drinking their stress away. The solid wood tables were full which is an indicator of a successful restaurant especially in today’s competitive time. There was a lot of Punjabi chatter around with stray conversations appreciating the great food Mughal Mahal restaurant serves till date.

The Manager and stewards looked primarily the same from the years of my childhood. I have recollection of these young, lean servers back then who have not only aged but grown (horizontally) too. While I thought the pot bellied Manager looked a bit uninterested, the service guys were super and served with a smile. The order was taken & presented in a reasonable time, though a couple of things requested were not available hence there was a bit of a disappointment. On the other hand, we didn’t miss a generous “thank you for coming” and “please come again“. This speaks volumes about ensuring that the patrons remember the delectable food as well as splendid service.

When one eats at Mughal Mahal you have to forget your sensitivity (or averseness) to butter, cream and ghee. My order is fairly standard and oh!! it indeed is loaded. It comprises of the yummiest, creamiest, tangiest, boneless butter chicken ever (Rs.895) accompanied with Gosht Pasanda (Rs.365) made with delicately spiced, small pieces of succulent mutton. My meal cannot ever be complete without their Mughal Dal Makhni (Rs.250) & Paneer Makhani (Rs.495) which simply melt in your mouth. Their naans are always at their crispiest best. While some of us opted for Butter & Garlic Naans, I always reserve myself for their huge plain naans which come topped with Kalonji (Nigella seeds), something I long for at their branch in Gurgaon. They are just not half as good though the other dishes are close enough, if not a 99%.

A visit to Mughal Mahal, Rajendra Place for me is like living my carefree days of life once again with scrumptious food on special occasions or just like that too. Its really not a restaurant for me but a part of my life’s (culinary) journey. If you haven’t been there ever, its about time you did.

Check Amount for 4 people: Rs. 3079 (a lot of food was doggy bagged) | Revisit plans: Can’t live without this stuff, matey.

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Mughal Mahal – Bar & Restaurant

7, Sethi Bhawan, Rajendra Place, New Delhi

Open from: 11AM – 11PM

Happy hours: Yes! 8PM – 11PM

Phone numbers: +91 9811526470, 011 41538006
Venue Type: Bar & Restaurant (Eatery)

Vegetarian: Are you kidding me 🙂

Cuisine: Indian/ Mughlai

Bar: Yes

Loo on premises: Yes

Air Conditioning: Yes

Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

Do they deliver: Yes

Takeaways Offered: Yes

Do they cater outdoors: Yes

Host Parties at Venue: Yes

Parking: Street side

WiFi: No

Live Music: No! Piped music is available

Television Screening: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No

Smoking Allowed: Yes! Outdoors

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